Roxy dropped the subject to placate him. But she herself wasn’t placated. She hadn’t mentioned what else she saw on his palm. Palm reading wasn’t an exact science but then again science wasn’t always omcient either. Roxy noticed his little finger ever so slightly bent away from the rest of his fingers, which meant he was someone who couldn’t be trusted. Roxy hadn’t mentioned it and she wouldn’t. It wasn’t her business. They hardly knew each over and anyway people were entitled to their secrets. That’s what she told herself anyway.

She smiled lightly and took the blame on to her own shoulders. It sort was partly her blame she could of phrased things better. She wasn’t one for words just impulses. But even knowing that about herself never helped.

Roxy hung her head and silently shook it. She had blown it. They were on shaky ground as it was. This was going to devastate what little headway they had moved. But all of a sudden his hand reached up and cupped her stubborn jaw line and smoothed out that stubborn pout.

Roxy made herself ignore his hands and focused on his eyes. Big mistake. He had the darkest eyes she had ever seen. And she was swimming in them. Falling into deep pits of tar. As his arms unfolded around her she realized she was just as bad as Jennifer and worse ,mother. She was deliberately ignoring a red flag and waving a white one. Just like that she was ready to hand over her heart. And worst of all she would have begged him to take it.

Roxy was relieved when his expression turned lighter. He clearly didn’t see her internal debate and denial going on in her head. She didn’t want to be this girl. She knew what happened to his girl she always got her heart broken.

He said “Let’s go see those clothes now…”

Roxy instantly perked up she loved fashion. She was surprised he was interested but she didn’t dare look too closely into anything he had said. Roxy practically ran into the women’s bathroom and dragged him with her. Roxy felt such joie de vivre. She didn’t care what anyone thought at this very second. She had him and she looked chic. That was happiness to her. That meant everything to her. Of course though she made the mistake of not going up a size on this dress. But it wasn’t supposed to be loose. If she went up a size it would have been to loose and then the look woun't be right.

She grunted and yelled over the side of the stall. “Umm…I need some help”

Ok, so she was being coy too. There was nothing sexier then the lines and the curves of a woman’s backand she knew that. She also wanted to show of her tattoo. She hoped he would ask about the raven tattoo. She wasn’t legal to get one in a shop but she hadn’t gotten in done in a shop... She heard the button slowly zip up. Then she slowly turned around. Savouring every second of their proximity. She almost kissed him and then decided against it. He didn’t appear enamoured. He appeared tempted and he didn’t hide it. But she wanted to see her reflection in those black eyes and she just didn’t.

Jet said “You look good” Roxy gave him a look and put her hands on her hips. She knew she looked hot. This dress was sexy and pure glamour.

 Jet laughed lightly “Ok you look sexy” Roxy went over and perched herself on the counter she slipped on a pair on animal print heels and slide on some red lipstick. Fashion was about the total look after all. Then she smiled at him.

 She slide of the counter and walked out the bathroom a different woman. The shoes forced her to walk slower, sinuously. She saw everything differently from this height. Every seemed so much smaller and she felt so much larger than life.

The End

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