Well, Not Quite What One Would Expect

Pandora looked at the black cat stood next to her, she herself had turned into a white and black patched cat. She sort of meowed..."What did you just do!?" It was sort of angry, but also relieved after all it was alot better than a snow leopard. Although she prefered the leopard form, the cat was the most practical.

She used one of her paws to clip Konrad on the ear playfully. But in this form she could smell something, dog again. This time closer. "Can you smell that?" She wrinkled her nose at the putrid smell. Dogs smell bad wet or dry, they're dumb and they definatly have no sense of well... anything.

Around her neck, the silver cross still hung, along with the chains around her paws. One day... "One day, I will break free."  

The End

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