Hunting a Killer

She flashed a badge at the security officer who ran towards her when she took Hunter in. Hunter, of course, being her Labrador. He looked at it, obviously shocked. She strode through the building, assuming authority. The security desk... I need the security desk..., she thought, and then she glimpsed it through the crowd. She headed towards it, walking straight through the crowd, pushing them out of the way.

She flashed the badge when she got there, and walked behind the desk to the camera screens. She wouldn't have to rely upon her eyes. She'd use technology to catch the fiend. The fiend who had stolen her life.



Konrad was concerned about Pandora, but he'd felt Her. He knew her aura anywhere, Her scent arising above the crowd. He didn't want to leave her, but he couldn't stay. She'd find him. And she'd try to kill him again. He had a thought... A strange one, one he'd never had before. He reached out and put a finger on Pandora's forehead.

"What are you-" she started, when her skin started to change. He willed both of them to change, to become cats. Not the best of disguises, but the best he could do under the circumstances. And she was limited due to her natural form.



She gasped. She'd found him with a woman, watching them on the screen, wishing she had sound. And then he'd touched her forehead and they'd transformed! No wonder he'd managed to escape so many times! She pulled out her mobile, and pressed speed dial 1. 

"I know his secret. I have him ON SCREEN transforming," there was a muffled reply on the other end. "Yes, I said transforming!" she replied, before flipping the phone shut. He didn't have a chance now. The Hunters were onto him. 

The End

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