I watch as the vampire walks over to a cafe. It’s not the one Roxy and I were sitting at earlier, but I pull Roxy over there anyway. I pull out my wallet and look at Roxy.

‘What dya want?’ I ask, ‘my treat,’ she smirks and looks up at the big menu behind the counter. She chooses a cappuccino and I order a mocha. The drinks are ready pretty quickly, and I choose a booth seat. From here I can just about see the vampire and the woman he is with. I still think there’s something strange about her. I also notice her “mouse” has disappeared. I try to look natural as I gaze over at their table, but it’s hard to keep the hatred out of my eyes, despite how good I am at acting usually. Looking at him brought back a wave of hurt and abandonment. I seethe with bitterness, though I'm fairly sure my exterior remains calm. I just look like I'm staring into space.

I can feel Roxy's eyes on me.

‘Penny for them,’ she says.

‘You would need a lot more than a penny to get my thoughts out of me,’ I say darkly. I stir sweetener into my mocha and scoop the foam off the top with my spoon. Roxy falls quiet and drinks her cappuccino carefully. She follows my gaze and sees the vampire and the random woman. They look like they’re kissing, but I feel her pain and without knowing it, the vampire is feeding me at the same time as himself. I smile to myself.

‘Sweet,’ Roxy mutters and I feel her pang of jealousy as she watches the “couple”. I’ve not noticed very much in the way of suffering in this place, just the odd bit here and there. Not enough to keep me totally healthy, but enough to keep me going.

‘Very,’ I nod, pretending to agree. I turn my head to face her, leaning forward so my chin is resting on my lightly curled fist, elbow on the table. I watch as she looks at the “couple” in the corner and drink in her jealousy.

The End

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