The Blood of a Leopard

He was shocked. Was she offering him her blood? That was... Well, a huge thing. Even Isabella had had some reservations about it, and she'd supposedly loved him! He was tempted, though. Seriously tempted. He needed blood. She was stronger than a human. And her blood would be so sweet. He could smell it. He'd started to stare. Looking away uncomfortably, he thought hard. OK, he thought. She was offering, after all.

He stood up, and she followed suit. Positioning her so he was facing the corner, he put his mouth to her neck under her collar, and, from behind, it must have looked like he was kissing her. He let his fangs grow, and they shot straight into her neck. She groaned. He rolled his eyes again. He didn't want to think what people who may be watching thought was happening, nor what would happen if they called security for public indecency or some other such stupid law. She let the blood flow into his mouth for five minutes, until her legs started to buckle. He withdrew his fangs, and she sank onto a chair. 

"Are you OK?" he asked, concerned for her. "Did I take too much?"

The End

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