She sat, looking opposite her into Konrad's eyes. A vamps eyes. She shuddered. "You know thats not what I meant." She smiled looking down at the coffee. "You know, MY blood could help you transform." Her mind flickered to a moment where she had been chained to a wall, she was dressed in a brown rag, torn and dirty. Her master had walked in and, leaning towards her he... Bit her. Tearing at her neck, not like a civilised vamp would eat. "My, master. He thought that by drinking my blood he would learn how to transform. But when it didn't work I found out." She tapped her arm. "But, if you already know the art. I could help."

Her ears pricked up, she heard something, something that sounded like a dog, in the distance but... it was there. She hated dogs. This one seemed particularly viscious aswell. A low growl escaped her throat but she surpressed it with the dark coffee. "Coffee..."

The End

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