"Also, when did you last drink?" the question hit him like a 5 tonne weight, and that wasn't an experience he wanted to repeat. 

"Err... Not long ago... In fact, just before you walked in..." he stammered, trying to regain his senses. Well, you didn't specify the kind of drink, did you? he thought sourly. "But, transforming a lot kind of takes it out of me, and moving things mentally... Not an everyday trick, I can assure you." Transforming again, he became the mouse again and she scooped him up, unlocked the door and walked confidently to the café. The woman at the counter looked at her oddly when she ordered two coffees to go, and then she walked to an obscure part of the waiting room. He transformed again and took the caffeine. He needed a drink. Even the woman outside hadn't fully replenished him. He needed more. Not to mention her blood was thin, weak and utterly disgusting. 

He sighed as he drunk the bitter coffee, trying to relax. But with Her following him, he couldn't. Especially since he was in his human form for now.

The End

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