Plans for escape?

Pandora looked at him and smiled. "Well, she could try. I may look like a cute kitty but hah, I'm probably as old as you are." She winked once and leaned against the door of the bathroom. She had alot more questions, like 'Why do they have a vendetta against you?' and 'How did you become an elder?' But she didn't want to go too far. Instead she began to sing in her head, sheilding her thoughts and looked at him.

"So, what are you going to do?" She looked at the cup. "Also, when did you last drink?" She could feel the leopard inside of her scratching at her insides begging to be let out. But she resisted, she couldn't change not here. Okay, so she could control her animal more than a werewolf, she was quite old and had a greater bond with her spirit but still, it was quite annoying.

The End

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