Answers - To Some Questions

Konrad was annoyed. So she had come across vampires before. That didn't make things easier. Most of his kin weren't exactly... Civilised. That's what led to the stereotypes. In the older days, they were much more... Human, if that was possible for in-humans. But... They had limits. They once treated humans as servants, and ruled an empire that spanned the world. The Dark Ages, it was called. Vampires ruling behind the guise of weak men, allowing folk to work their magic as they willed. He transformed and sighed. 

"I'm an Elder. You become an Elder by having... Powers. I can transform, use my mind to control people, speak to them and even control objects." To prove his point, he concentrated on a discarded plastic cup on the cistern and, using his mind, lifted it. Pandora gasped. He let it drop. That had exhausted him. He needed more practice. "I'm also Hunted by a Hunter of the Carstein family. She'll try anything to get me. And that includes killing you. However, she doesn't know about my gifts. I have eluded her family for over a hundred and fifty years. They have a personal vendetta against me."

The End

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