Remembering Emnity

Konrad didn't see the woman at the window or he wouldn't still be there. However, he was still concentrating on Pandora. They were conversing, him trying to prise more information from her without appearing to... Forth right. She still intrigued him, but he couldn't be too pushy. He didn't know how dangerous she was. He could smell the demon, beyond Pandora. His nose, adjusted to her smell, could sense beyond her. He was with that girl, the one from outside. She'd changed... Into a real nice dress. He needed to draw her away from him. 

He was starting to remember him. Jet. They'd been friends over a thousand years ago. When they'd been mortal. Then... He just remembered there'd been an argument, and that, somewhere in the back of his mind, there was still a burning emnity and a feeling of abandonment. He'd managed to block it for so long... He didn't want it coming back. He'd not felt like that for nearly five hundred years. His mind must have opened, allowing Pandora to feel his thoughts, as she looked down at him in concern. He hurriedly closed his mind. First, he was an elder. He wasn't to have human emotions. Second, he couldn't have her thinking he was weak. Actually, she'd said something about silver hurting skin-walkers. To be honest, it didn't do him any good, either. He might just take it off and bin it... Her necklace was starting to hurt his eyes.

The End

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