I took his hand and he led me to the desk.

I could have found it on my own but I had secretly hoped he wouldn't make me go if he saw mummy. She smacked Jez across the face. Oh dear she saw me with the man. I knew she wouldn't be happy.

She came towards us looking really angry. He steped infront of me. I went back towards the Fat lady that looked like Nanny  and hid behind her. I really didnt want to go back with mummy. I think it would be like last year. Mummy didn't come back for three nights and Daddy had lots of different women in the hotel room. One dressed as cinderella. Its why I hate that movie.

A big security man came towards the man I had helped. I thanked god. It is true that if you help someone they will help you back.

"That is MY child!" Mummy spat. While the lady that picked up my toy tried to calm her down.

I was really worried now I would be in big trouble if mummy got me back. She would probably make me find my own food for a week again.

I remembered uncle paul's number and hoped he could get me to a phone. I liked uncle paul and he always looked after us. He doesn't have kids or any money like mummy but he doesn't drink or hit us either.

The End

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