Calling Social Services

Leigh’s heals clicked on the floor as she made her way to the Service Desk.

“Tia!” she spoke into her phone.

“Buenos Dias. Estas ocupada?

“Si, Si. Pero, puedo Ayudarme?”

“Tres hijos, dos chicos, una chica”

“Si, el aeropuerto.”



She clicked her phone shut just as she got to the security guards. “You know what has to be done,” she whispered to him. She rolled her eyes at his non-responsive shrug. “Don’t worry I’ve called SS for you.”

Leigh strode to the woman shouting obscenities at the desk clerk. ”Ma’am you look at bit stressed, with all these delays I can’t say I blame you.”

Leigh smiled at her, but quickly continued before she could say anything. “Looking after three kids is a tough job.”

The woman was spluttering, but Leigh kept going. “Why don’t you let me take them to our children’s waiting area. We’ve got toys and books, and it’s well monitored so they’ll be safe. It’s where all our young solo travelers go.”

She smiled briefly at the two boys before turning her attention back to the woman. “Then you and your husband can relax at the bar until its departure time. What do you say?”

Leigh held out her hands, using her most sincere and calming smile. She hoped it worked. There was nothing in the world Leigh couldn’t stand more than inept and abusive parents, mental or physical.

The End

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