New clothes

‘I do have a plan,’ I snap at Roxy. It’s not my fault I don’t have many lines in my palms. I'm not exactly a human, am I? I would have drawn more lines on my hands when she suggested palm reading, but I don’t know where the lines on a palm are supposed to go.

‘Whatever you say,’ she mutters, looking away. I sigh quietly, irritated that I have to pretend to be nice.

‘Look, I'm sorry. I guess I was trying to fool myself when I said I was feeling better,’ I say softly, hooking my finger under her chin, pulling her head back up so she can see me. I feign a frustrated regret and she arches an eyebrow at me.

‘It’s fine, I can see how much is on your mind, I saw it on your palm,’ she smiles. I smile back and lean in to hug her. She lets me wrap her in my arms, leaning into my torso. I feel her relax into me, her heartbeat slowing from its nervous rhythm as she unwinds.

‘Maybe we should leave the palm reading?’ she suggests eventually, talking more into my chest than to me. I unfold my arms from around her figure, holding her at arms’ length, looking into her eyes. I nod seriously. Her lips curve into a small smile. I know hugging a total stranger is usually frowned upon, but she didn’t seem to mind, in fact, she looked a lot like she hadn’t wanted me to let go. I want to laugh at her, but I hold it back. I can see why people don’t usually want to trust strangers. But hey, obviously, I'm someone that comes across as trustworthy. I'm not complaining.

‘Hows about you show me one of these new outfits then?’ I ask brightly, diverting her attention. She smiles mischievously.

‘Well I can’t get changed here!’ she exclaims. I shrug and stand, pulling her up. She grabs her bags and follows my lead as I walk away from the cafe. I direct her to one of the women’s toilets and hold the door open for her, following her in. I ignore the incredulous glares I get from the women in there, flashing them all my winning grin.

‘What are you doing? Pervert!’ one woman yells at me.

‘Relax, I'm just waiting for Roxy. I'm not here to look at anyone else,’ I say calmly, while altering her thoughts.

‘Oh, okay,’ she smiles and walks off. Too easy. Humans are fun, though.

‘Help me, will you, Jet?’ Roxy calls after a minute. ‘There’s a zip up the back that I can’t reach,’ I walk over to her cubicle and the lock slides open, the door swinging open a few inches. She’s wearing a close fitting dress that hugs her hourglass figure perfectly. Enough to tempt even the most virtuous man. Which I am not. I step into the cubicle with her and slide the lock closed again, turning to the zipper on the back of the dress. I pull the zip up with ease, pulling the dress closer around her figure.

The dress is a little black thing that comes half way up her thighs, sexy and not sluttish. It’s decorated with a thick elastic belt. The dress shows off some inviting cleavage, but again not in a sluttish way. I like it. She looks good. She twirls around and looks up at me for my opinion. I grin and tell her:

‘You throwing away the jeans and shirt then?’ I grin. ‘You look good, Roxy,’ she arches an eyebrow. ‘You look very sexy, Roxy,’ I elaborate and she returns my grin. She shoves the jeans and shirt into a bag and we leave the toilet together, attracting a lot of dubious glances.



The End

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