Let me tell you who you are

Roxy knew without looking that Jennifer was gone but she looked anyway. Then she sighed. She could picture it now…Jennifer wanted a family so bad she would beg for it. Girls were pathetic.

 Roxy shrugged on her god-awful plaid button up and then Roxy jumped as someone snuck up on her. She quickly turned around and blushed. It was him. He had come looking for her. Roxy wanted to be mad at him but of course she couldn’t even muster up a little mild irritation. He had ruined her self improvement plan. She of course would have to smoke again. It was the only thing that had in common.

She considered asking him if he wanted a smoke right now but she would save that as plan b. unfortunately she wasn’t quite sure what plan A was. So far all she was doing was smiling like an idiot.


He looked at her pile of clothes draped over her arms and said “What have you go there?”

 With anyone else so probably would have flashed her signature attitude and say something like “Clothes, what does it look like?!.” But she actually found herself being coy and he was responding to it.

 She said “Maybe I’ll show you later…”

 Then reality came crashing down on her. They had no later, just here and now. She could post pone buying tickets but sooner or later her mother would come down to the airport and drag her home and that was the last thing she wanted. That was purgatory. She would change clothes and then she would buy tickets. They would exchange e-mails and if she was lucky he just might keep in touch.


Roxy picked out some jeans and then she flopped her pile on the counter. While she was waiting for counter help her pile started to get smaller until it was a smaller more sensible one. She could annoy her mother without completely diminishing her bank account,


She ignored the counter help and looked back at him. She smiled again and paused yet again.

 “So we only have a short time…together…so what do you want to do?”

 He smirked at her and said what was typical in this situation. He said “I don’t know what you want to do?”

 Roxy groaned and rolled her eyes.


“Ok how about I’ll fix my plane tickets and we’ll meet at the café. I’m famished” Roxy grinned.


Roxy took her bags and changed and purchased her tickets in record time and met him at the café. He was people watching but it wasn’t casual. It was suspicious…Like he was looking for some one or something. Roxy pushed the thought away she barely knew him. She couldn’t pass judgement on him so quickly and she didn’t want to taint the five hours she had left with him. She knew he wouldn,t keep in touch no ever kept in touch.

 Suddenly he caught sight of her and smiled. She had changed into an Ed Hardy knock off t-shirt and tighter jeans. But still looser. The tattoo print shirt looked cool with her father’s hard edged chains. She wore her father’s chains and rosary where ever she went.  A tribute to a man who reserved no such recognition. Roxy wondered if things would have ended differently, better if he had known she existed. Roxy pushed the darker feelings away and pasted a smile on her face. He returned it. Roxy felt subtle warmth as she approached him. Like she was sitting by a fire side…It felt so nice comfortable, that she never wanted to move. But she would.


“Ok” Roxy blurted “I thought of stuff we could do until our planes arrive…they are all a little childish but fun…So here it goes number one: Palm reading! I’m not experienced or anything but I read a book and sort of got it. So what do you think?” 

Roxy bit her lip uncertainly. He shrugged his shoulder ambivalently. But his hand remained still at his side.

 “ It’s okay if your nervous…the book says sometimes people are afraid of hearing things or people finding stuff about them. If it helps I’ll tell you something really revealing and dark about me. “


He raised his eyebrows doubtfully.

 Roxy pretended to be offended “There are dark stuff about me…The trouble is what to reveal…hmm…I think I’ll tell you something too dark…so you don’t go running for the hills”

 “I doubt you have anything to tell me that I haven’t heard before”

 Apparently he didn’t know her very well. Challenging her only made her more contrary.

 “Ok tough stuff. You asked for it. I’ve tried every drug out there. Legal, Illegal…herbal whatever. If it gives you a buzz I’ve tried it. I’ve done a lot of stupid stuff while I was high…but that is as far as I’m going with that topic. Your turn. Give me your hand and let me tell you who you are”


“That’s nothing a lot of people have done drugs…”

 Ok so he was trying to bate her after all. Roxy just glared at him.

 “Give me your hand coward” She said while making the sound of a chicken squawking.


He looked at her annoyed, no insulted. Apparently she had hit under the belt. He reluctantly produced his hand. He had to know. Roxy clasped it triumphantly. She smiled reassuringly and flipped it over so she could read the lines.

 Immediately her forehead creased in worry.

 “What?” He asked concerned

 “You have no destiny line…that means right now you have no set path and you’re just floundering around…”

 He immediately removed his hand as if she had pricked it.

 Roxy bit her lip and blurted out “You can change that…If you make a plan and set it in motion your hand will reflect it”

 “I do have a plan” He snapped

 “ Whatever you say” Roxy muttered

The End

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