Roxy's two cents

“Who do you think you are?” The blond woman spat.

 Roxy smiled and offered her hand “I’m Roxy Hart. I know dumb name, I didn’t pick it. So who are you and who broke your heart?”

 It was the only opening she needed. The blond woman sighed and rolled her eyes. Then it all came pouring out like rain on a tin roof.

“I’m Jennifer; I’m looking for my ex-Finn. I need to tell him I’m pregnant”

Roxy smiled shyly and said “Congratulations mommy”

Roxy snatched back the halter top and hung it over her own neck. She peered into a narrow mirror and crinkled her face.

Jennifer dropped into a near by chair. She sighed again and looked down at her woven sandals. “I don’t know if I want a baby… If I can’t have Finn” Jennifer muttered

Roxy snorted and rolled her eyes. Jennifer looked up at the teenager. Roxy was undoing her plaid shirt. She threw it over the chair next to Jennifer. Then she went to a nearby display table and started throwing on t-shirts. She pulled them off just as quickly as she put them on. She just had to make sure they weren’t too clingy. Jennifer crept towards her and walked right past Roxy’s comfortable limit and started talking right in her face.

“What do you mean?” Jennifer asked

Roxy looked at her puzzled “I didn’t say anything”

“You implied something”

“I don’t see why everything has to revolve around guys. Guys are stupid. If it was up to me I’d go lesbo in a heartbeat. I’d actually get some attention and some one to borrow clothes and make-up with. It would be one big slumber party!” Roxy practically shouted.

“I don’t think that’s the idea…”

Roxy ignored Jennifer and took her pile of shirts into the dressing room. Jennifer looked back at the chair put then saw a rack of tank tops on sale. She pulled down a couple sizes and draped them over the dressing room door.

“Thank you” Roxy muttered

“Are you going to come out and show me the outfits?”

Roxy laughed “Yeah I’m going to let a hippie chick tell me what’s cool. Sorry I left my poncho at home”

Jennifer sank back into that chair ignoring the thoughtless chatter. She looked out into the sitting area and muttered “I should go and find him…”

Roxy said through the dressing room “Here’s my advice. Don’t go to him until you know what you want out of this”

But it was too late she was already gone.

The End

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