Giving up on the vampire. For now.

The woman left me no excuse to hang around, so I figured I would have to go off and look like I was still searching for the stupid dog. I think that mouse must have been the vampire. I'm not sure. There was something wrong with it at any rate. At the moment, I'm skulking around outside pretending to be looking for something. Eventually I give up and go back to where I was smoking earlier, and light up a fresh cigarette.

From where I'm standing now, I can see inside the building. I can see that Cade guy walking back to his seat. And I can see Roxy walking around, apparently spending lots of money on clothes. I consider going and flirting with her a bit, just out of boredom, but right now, I can’t really be bothered to move.

My cigarette burns down to the filter, the time passing quickly, and I throw it to the floor, striding back into the building. My feet take me over to Roxy, where I sidle up to her and stand behind her for a moment before leaning forward and whispering in her ear.

‘Guess who?’ I smile and she tenses, before turning around and seeing me behind her. Her face breaks into a smile much bigger than mine and she blushes a little, flustered by my sudden appearance. ‘Spending all your money here?’ I ask, looking at the bags she was holding.

‘Yes. I need more than a pair of baggy old jeans and a man shirt!’ she laughs, her blush deepening a little.

‘I'm sorry if I seemed distant earlier... I had stuff on my mind. I'm okay now, though,’ I grin at her. ‘So tell me. What’s replacing the jeans and shirt?’ I ask curiously, trying to look in her bags, pretending to be interested.

‘I can show you later if you’d like?’ she smirks at me, as if I'm the one playing into her hands, not the other way around. Subtly, I encourage the thought in her mind. This will certainly make waiting for the flight more interesting.

The End

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