Half-Remembered Truths

Pandora looked at him, "I'm a Skinwalker. A being that can turn into one animal decided at birth by random genetics." She sighed. "High value for hunters and wanted for slaves." She placed a hand on her cross, lifting it up so he could see the burn underneath. "Also weak to silver."  She knew she shouldn't be telling him but what more could he do that her last captor didn't?

She rolled her sleeves up, her scars showing on her arms, the letters PMKIII were tattooed onto her left wrist. Along with a silver bangle with a broken chain upon it. Only then, with her arms revealed did she look like a prisoner. But she knew nothing before that, nothing of her parents, her childhood, her siblings if any. She looked at Konrad. "At least you have a choice what name you use."

The End

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