A Name is A Powerful Thing

She called herself Pandora. And then asked his name. Did she realise the importance of a name?! Konrad was on the verge of telling her, he instinctively trusted her, but he stopped it rolling off his tiny, pink tongue.

A name is a powerful thing, Pandora. I know too many people who have used it to weaken me. He didn't add that one of those was tracking him even now. She came from a long line of Hunters. A long line of hunters, all of who hated him. He didn't need to worry her. Despite the fact that she was in danger just by being with him. Everyone in the airport was in danger because of him. 

Not knowing a true name is sometimes the better option. It limits the power that you can give others. However, call me Konrad. It's my favourite of my alter-egos. Never before had he given advice like that. He thought that people should find out things for themselves. He liked her. It was instinctive. He still needed to know what she was, though.

I have to know... What ARE you? I've never met someone like you before...

Unfortunately, at that moment, he saw the demon again, still searching for him. He hid, and hated that he did so. In the days of old, he would have transformed into a bear or wolf and banished the thing to the deepest reaches of the place it called home. Now, he was forced to stay as a mouse, hiding, keeping the attention off him.  

The End

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