I crept out from the mass of scary foreign feet and went towards the new excitment.

I noticed a can rolling away in one direction. I ran after it and taped him on the shoulder. He groaned as he got up. Muttering words father uses when he comes back from the pub.

"Excuse me sir."  He turned towards me and raised an eyebrow. "You dropped this." I presented him with the can and after a few seconds he smiled at me.

"Thank you. Where are you meant to be kid?"

"I'm Lilly, and I'm meant to be with my mummy but shes buying drinks and I don't know where Daddys gone."

"Do you want me to help you find her?" He looked rather worried about me. People didn't normally do that. I started to like this man.

"No thanks. I'm exploring for a bit. Mummy gets cranky without her drinks." He laughed and I gave him a hand to his feet.

"Where you from  Lily?"

** Lilly Roubs please come to a member of staff. Who will take you to your mother**  It called out over the radio.

The man looked at me I think he was deciding weather to take me back to my obviously incapalbe parents or let me carry on"

The End

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