Safe... And Stuck

Konrad was safe... For now... The woman had protected him. He had no idea who... What she was and she'd saved him. For the time being. He'd confront that demon soon enough, the demon who'd had the audacity to search the airport for him. This woman didn't know what he was, but... Surely his scent gave it away?! Clay, earthy smell, cloying. It had consumed Konrad, and he hated it. He'd squealed. And then been saved. The cross on the woman's neck started to hurt Konrad's eyes. 

What the Hell was that? her mind questioned.

That, unfortunately, was a demon. One of the denizens of the Underworld. Sent here to do their Master's work, he replied, and her eyes widened as she heard him.

Can you hear everything I think? 

Only your surface thoughts. I'm not delving far enough to read anymore, but if I wanted to, your mind would be laid forth before me, his voice in his head a little smug. She looked shocked, and started to reminisce. The first thought was pain, so overwhelming that Konrad withdrew. He was shocked... What could have done that?

The End

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