Where'd you go?

I felt it. Just now. Where did it go? I look around wildly, using my eyes and mind to search for it. I can’t see anything. There’s a new presence though, that no w the vampire’s is gone – or hidden – makes itself known. No! I don’t need any distractions! I look in the direction of the new presence and see a woman sitting down. Her? I shrug and attempt to appear charming. Yes, attempt. I'm too stressed right now to really try all that hard.

‘Have you seen a dog, loose, running around free? Big, black and white?’ I smile at her and she looks up at me curiously.

‘No, I haven’t sorry. Why, did you lose it?’ she asks. I pull an exasperated face.

‘Kind of. I saw it running around earlier and some people complained about it to security. I’ve trained dogs before; I figured I would get to it before they do. I'm certainly nicer to dogs than those guys!’ I laugh and cast another look around. As I look back at the woman, I hear a faint squeak, like a mouse kind of squeak. I look at where the squeak came from.

‘Did you hear that? Sounded like a mouse,’ I say.

‘Did it? I didn’t hear anything.’ She’s lying. I feel her mind shift. I realise I can’t see her name either. What’s wrong with the people in this place? There’s something weird about her. I see something in her lap.

‘What’s that?’ I ask politely, with an edge of dominating demand creeping into my voice.

The End

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