Stalking and Stalked

Konrad had been caught. That thing had caught him, and put him on the table. She'd asked what 'a being like him' was doing stalking her. At least she'd realised what he was, if not who he was. And then she started thinking about coffee... Annoyed at not being able to speak or transform so he could, he started thinking as loudly as he could. WHAT ARE YOU?! She was still an anomaly, a gap in his knowledge. A gap he intended to fill as soon as possible.

But then he felt it. The demon. His aura was drawing closer, more erratic than before but disturbingly calm nonetheless. Squeaking, he darted forward, jumped onto the skin walker's lap and tried to block his mind as much as he could without blocking the woman altogether. Physical contact made it easier, and the woman's scent would cover his. The demon would have to work hard to find him. He was sure he could tackle the demon, but he didn't need to scare this woman off. He thought she might be useful against Her.

The End

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