Searching and collisions

I’ve found my shirt. I pick it up and slip it on, not bothering to shake off the dirt. I wonder where that dog went. Well, I say dog. It’s not a dog. Bloody shape shifting vampires, I think as I stalk back into the building, trying to pick up its presence. I crash straight into the security people that are milling about nearby, too focused on finding my way around mentally, not using my eyes. Their presences hadn’t been strong enough for me to notice them until the last second. I'm tempted to just make them evaporate, but I can’t draw attention to myself. I would never make it to my next job if I did that.

I falter and apologise, acting like a human would when embarrassed. I'm good at acting. I’ve spent too long in the human world. Human lies trip off my tongue as naturally as if I meant them. I can’t see these guards’ names. Weird. But I need to find that vampire, so I don’t dwell on it long, quickly hurrying off, making sure I use my eyes as well as sensing presences to move around this time.

‘Weird guy,’ I hear the security guy say as I walk off. The anger sweeps down on me again, but I ignore it, focussing on finding that vampire.

The End

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