The Standing Guy

Everyone else seems to be too lazy to stand but I, the lonely but lanky teenager from London, am too energetic to even think about sitting down. Though I guess I'm probably thinking about sitting right now. So, do you want to know why I'm so 'energized'? Well, it's mainly because of the two cans of Red Bull I had for breakfast this morning, but also because in three hours time, I'm going to be on my way to South America , riding the first clouds of a year-long gap year!

I said goodbye to my family at the station and though I'm going with a couple of friends, they don't seem to have arrived yet. That's why I'm stuck here in front of the arrivals board, looking like a hyper-active but ditched-by-my-friends sorta guy, desperate to get away from England for good.

Oh wait, I think that's Matt now. Stupid dwarf. "Oi Matt! Over here!"

The End

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