Out of control teenager with money watch out world

Roxy blushed violently as he walked away. She reluctantly buttoned up her plaid disaster. Then she banged her head against the table. The movement had jostled her OJ but it remained standing. Roxy slowly raised her head and dragged the OJ towards her. She took a deep swig and suddenly missed the days when it was nothing to just add vodka to everything. But those days were over. They had to be, if she wanted freedom to move around the world and not a life underneath her mother’s watchful gaze. Already her mother was much too overprotective for her liking.


Roxy silently wished she had remained that quiet book worm instead of accepting every drug put in front of her. She won’t have had that acid flashback. She had heard once you dropped acid you could have a flashback at anytime. She of course thought it was rubbish until five minutes ago…She had actually seen that dog turn into a panther. Roxy shook her head and took another swig of OJ.


Then suddenly her purse started beeping. S****. It could only be one person. Of course her mother would check on her. Roxy sighed and flipped open her phone.


“Hi Mom. No I’m not one the plane. I met some real cool people. Girls and boys. We are having discussions you just can’t have on facebook”


Roxy ignored her mother’s ramblings and did some people watching. She watched a gorgeous woman sipping coffee and playing with her rosary. Roxy smiled shyly at her and pulled her rosary out of her shirt and did the same. It was then that the woman looked at her way to intently. Oh no…She didn’t swing that way. Roxy turned her attention back to her OJ and…her mother.


“I have money. My college fund. Oh C’mon I don’t even know if I even want to go to college yet. I don’t know what I am doing five minutes from now, how do you expect me to plan my whole life out? I don’t care…either you pay for it or you don’t. I don’t care. Whatever. Ok let me get some paper…”


Roxy sighed and pulled out her note book she quickly jotted down her mother’s credit card number.


“Ok what’s the expiry date? Yeah I know you’ll check it, you’re always checking. Whatever.”


Roxy slammed her phone closed and gnashed her teeth. She stared out at the stores. It suddenly didn’t seem to be such a bad idea to dip into her college fund…


Roxy looked around. He still was no where in sight. This probably was a good thing. She had made a fool of herself enough today. Roxy was angry and frustrated with herself. No matter what she did she couldn’t get her life in control. She needed a release and since she wasn’t doing drugs and she instantly decides it was time to quit smoking…again, she needed this.


She walked towards a young and hip store. Roxy looked up at the luminated sign. It wasn’t the goodwill but it would do. She slowly walked around. She saw so much stuff she liked. Roxy smiled to herself. Yes she would turn heads and perk herself up again.


All of a sudden a blond petite woman stepped infornt of her and flashed a photo in her face. It was to close to see anything. Roxy blinked and stepped back.


“Have you seen this guy?” She asked forlornly


Roxy rolled her eyes “Maybe you should just get over him. Eat some ice cream and go shopping like the rest of us. What size are you?”


The woman looked at her dumbfounded or just offended. Roxy didn’t ask her which. She just shoved a halter top at her.


“Here try this one. “

The End

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