Unknown Being

Konrad could smell her. It was a different kind of smell. Musky. Animalistic. Odd. He'd never smelt anything quite like it, and he'd come across nearly every kind of non-human there was. Werewolves, demons, angels, you name it, he's come across, and fought, it. But this... This was new. It wasn't repulsive new, despite his dislike of change. It was homely, heavenly... To him, anyway.

He followed her quietly, keeping to the shadows. He thought she cocked her head slightly, so he leant back against a wall, trying to look casual. When he was sure no-one was looking, he transformed, becoming a black mouse, sharp claws skittering on the floor. He managed to follow her from a bit closer. Now there were three people of interest to him in this airport, and he'd only been there for a blink in the span of time that was his life. The girl who'd blatantly fancied the demon, her scent gave that away, and he needed to sort her out,  the demon himself and this newcomer. He'd be thin stretched thin keeping an eye on all of them, and watching out for her.

The End

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