The girl walked past the doors, seeing a man on the phone and a woman on the floor, puncture holes in her neck. She rolled her eyes, putting her hands in her pocket. She had no luggage, just a one way ticket to transylvania.

She pulled the ticket and her passport out of her pocket. Her wavy brown hair cascading around her face. Her deep blue/green eyes swirled with intrigue of the characters around her. She rolled up the sleeves on her white blouse to show healed scars on her arm, she also. Although no one could see a recent scar on the back of her neck. The red mark stretched all the way down her neck. She wore a silver cross on her neck that burnt into her skin. She sighed as the silver glinted in the sun making her skin burn all the more.

She showed the woman at the desk her passport then headed into the lounge area, ordering a steaming black coffee. She needed it.

The End

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