Konrad was annoyed, and embarrassed. That damnable demon. He'd patted him on the head, and patronized him. "Well, now he knows who his master is." Although, he had to admit, he knew that they were similar in many ways -  they were both monsters, feeding off the pain and fear of others, and there were many other things beside. But, Konrad hated the things. They were truly evil, not trying to fight the thing they served. He at least tried to combat the Beast, trying to break from his dependency of the lifeblood. 

Disgusted at how weak he was, how subdued he'd had to be, and how hard it had been to resist biting the girl harder and drain her, he transformed, using more energy. He needed blood. Quickly. In human form, he staggered away from the departure lounge, and into the car park. A woman saw him and ran towards his seemingly pathetic form. 

"Oh my God, are you hurt? What's wrong? Tell me. I can help!" she started babbling as she reached him, fumbling for her phone and barely managing to punch in 999, and then the call button. konrad waited until he heard the operator picked up and had her attention, and then he jumped at her, knocking the phone out of her hand and landing square on her chest, knocking the breath from her. His hand was clasped over her mouth, preventing her from screaming for help.

"Hello? Hello? You do know it's a criminal offence to cold call the emergency line? Hello? I'll cut you off if you don't say anything," to which Konrad growled heavily into the mouthpiece, and then crushed the revoltingly pink thing in his hand.

The Beast smiled at the woman wickedly as his fangs grew and he sunk them into her neck. Eyes rolling, she passed out. About a minute later, he stopped drinking from her and, pulling out his own mobile, he dialled 999 and called for an ambulance. She'd never be able to identify him.

The End

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