Konrad was furious. That girl had kneed him in the stomach, and then rolled him onto his back, what she called the 'submissive pose'. And then he relaxed. Maybe if she thought he wasn't as worked up... And that demon had tried to get her to get off him... But she hadn't listened! Stupid girl. He was also annoyed at the name she had given him. 'Freebie'. How undignified! He was Konrad, one of the five vampiric Elders! This girl needed to be taught a lesson. Unfortunately, he couldn't rip her throat out, he was already being tracked, but he could scare her... 

Suddenly, he transformed. He became a panther. Huge, glossy black fur, and eyes scarlet with rage. She screamed and he growled at her. The demon was smirking. He changed back to the dog and gently bit her hand, hard enough to leave an imprint, but not enough to break the skin. She shrunk back towards the wall and then Konrad turned and ran. His confrontation with the demon would have to wait.

The End

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