The submissive pose

Roxy shuffled her feet and played around with her copious amount of chains. She slowly and hopefully unbuttoned a couple of her buttons. She let the chains go free and showed an inch of creamy fleash. Roxy knew she probably was trying too hard but she had never felt this attracted to someone ever. She even wondered if she was a lesbian. The trouble was she had no interest in the fairer sex either. She twisted her fingers around her chains and tired to think of something intelligent to say.

He didn't really seem to be interested in talking. He scanned the parking lot as if looking for some one or something. He better not already have a girlfriend.

Roxy bit her lip and spat out " My name is Roxy. Just Roxy. Not Roxeanne. I was named after a soap opera character. A whiny martyr. Nothing to be proud of really..."

He raised his eyebrows but said nothing. Hopefully he thought she was quirky and not a person suffering from tourettes. Roxy thought she sounded like someone with no filter. She wiped her own slate clean and decied to take a drag and decided to collect her thoughts. She was a smart person really and she knew she was good looking. Roxy wasn't being cocky but she knew she had a pretty face and a decent body underneath her odd clothes. She was what people called curvaious which usually meant if she gained five pounds people would call her full figured instead.

Roxy knew she was spending way to much time day dreaming. He probably thought she was just another akward teen age girl, which she was but she didn't want him to see her like that. Roxy opened her mouth and then quickly shut it as she saw a dog approuch. It kind of looked like a wolf or a Dingo. It clearly was wild. She looked at it uncertainly. Not really afraid of it really, more afraid to show him her dog whisperer thing.

Roxy didn't relate well with people but she got along well with children and animals. It made her uncomfortable to reveal this to people. She wanted to appear normal...No she wanted to be accepted as she was. But ofcourse that probably would never happen.

The wolf-dog started growling at her companion. Roxy looked at him. He was looking at the dog bored. He wasn't showing fear so there was no reason for the dog to be acting like this. Unless he was one of those dogs that just didn't men. Some dogs were partial to only one sex...

Roxy cleared her throat and shouted " Sit"

The dog ignored her and looked like it was about to attack.

Roxy jumped infront of the man and lifted up her knee. Her knee went into the wolf dogs stomach and he dropped to the ground. You had to teach a dog it wasn't okay to jump up on people. With lightening speed Roxy pushed the dog on to his back.

She looked back at the man. He was looking at a loss for words.He blinked a couple of times and then bent down and tried to push her out of the way.

" Maybe you shouldn't do that..."

Roxy nudged him out of the way.

" No you have to put them in the submissive pose, so they know who's boss"

She looked at the dog and said sternly " No bitting Freebie, I just named him freebie, because he is free.."

The dog-wolf snorted and howled at the indignity but suddenly calmed down. Realizing it was all fruitless. If he attacked her she would just probably chase after him and reprimend him again. She probably would chase after a charging bull...

The man leaned down over the dog and seemed to be gloating. He gave a wide smile and leaned right over the dogs ear.  

" Well now he knows who his master is" He said triumphantly

The End

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