A Quick Transformation

Konrad was bored. He had tried to settle his jittery nerves, but hadn't been able. There were two things that would calm him down enough to take stock of his surroundings and plan an escape if she was following him. A transformation and food. As feeding would draw attention to him, the only realistic option was a transformation. He had nothing to leave, so he just stood up, walked out of the waiting room, and outside. It had begun raining. Perfect, he thought joyously. Finding a secluded spot between two cars, a Mercedes and a Jaguar, he knelt and transformed, becoming a large, jet black dog with ebony white teeth, a blood red tongue and glinting eyes.

He was transformed! He felt so much better than in human form. Powerful. Fast. Alive! Running around the car park, he attracted lots of attention. Young children pointed him out to their parents, who seemed to storm off angrily to the complaints desk. Ah. Not good at all, he thought. He ran as quickly as he could to another part of the airport, and there found two people smoking. One was a girl, he could tell, her smell was just feminine, although she didn't seem to know how to use her body it to it's best, wearing a baggy mans shirt and a pair of old jeans. He could tell that, given time, she'd be quite the looker. So caught up in thinking about the potential the girl had, he looked at the guy. But... No. He wasn't a guy. He wasn't even human.

No wonder it had taken him a while to distinguish the scent of him from the smells of humans being closer together than is polite. This demon was skilled at hiding it's true form. And even his true scent. And Konrad was out of practice. He hadn't seen another non-human in at least one hundred and fifty years. Eyes narrowing distrustfully, his hackles rose, jet hair standing on end, and he lowered himself, as if getting ready to pounce which he, of course, was. He crawled forward, a growl building in his throat. Eyes flashing like rubies for a second, he projected thoughts. He'd never been very accomplished at it, but the girl fidgeted uncomfortably. The demon looked at him, eyes narrowing, obviously interested, but still looking bored. Konrad tensed, muscles flexing beneath his leathery skin. His teeth elongated into fangs that were at least five centimeters long, and sharp as a razor.

Demons were the worst of the non-humans. Angels were no better, he thought, they were both the pawns of higher powers. There was something oddly familiar about this one, though. Tossing the thought out of his mind, he flexed his body and tried to intimidate him.

The End

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