Maria watched Cade as he marched away to the shop. She didn’t realise he had left to get away from her.  She only thought he’d gone to buy mints or, maybe, a packet of cigarettes, and to take his mind off the cylindrical thing in the chair next to hers. Maybe he’d even share one or two of his cigarettes with her. I mean they were good friends, remember. 

As Cade left a young girl wandered toward the seats and started to actually talk to Maria. A child! Talking to her! Tearing her eyes away from Cade she turned to the young girl of ten or eleven. “I’m sorry, dear. I didn’t catch what you just said. Could you repeat it please?” Maria’s voice lingered on the line of being patronizing but she supposed she had a little time to have a short conversation with this little girl.

“What is that thingy? Why is it glowing? What does it do?" The questions screeched round Maria’s earholes, but she persuaded herself to remain patient. She hated children. “Well, we don’t actually know. Don’t touch it!” She almost screamed as the girl’s hand moved into the vicinity of The Object. “Sorry, dear,” Maria gave a false smile and patted her dark beehive distractedly. “I’d stay away, if I were you. It looks...possibly...dangerous..."

It was hard for Maria to say such words as 'evil' and nasty'. They reminded her too much of the evil man who had destroyed her father's business, wealth and reputation, when Maria was five. They had lost all their money. But they still had dignity. She wailed again as she tried to push the memories away and return to the present time.

 “What’s your name, dear? And where’s Mummy?”

Dignity and decorum always. No matter who you are, where you are or how much money you have!

Suddenly a large bang, clattering noise cause Maria and the young girl to turn.

The End

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