Hiding again

I moved towards the fat lady. When I saw a shiny thing on the chir across from her. "Whats that thing? What does it do?" and other qestions. She told me I shouldnt touch it. Maybe it was like touching the iron. So I decided not to bother with it. I instead hide because I could see Mummy. She must have chosen her drink and found my brothers. She was never that concerned about us normally. I was now hiding under some chairs behind very very big feet. I didn't understand what they were saying. Daddy had said our flight wouldnt be here for ages and he swore about it. I wanted to stay under this seat for a while. So I watched Mummy walk around and talk to more people.

I started listening to the large lady talking to someone. She was very very posh. I wondered if she was a princess or something but she was too fat to be a princess. They are always thin. Well maybe she was a maid or nanny for the princesses. I have a nanny to. When Grandad died Mummy got lots of money and she bought us a nanny.

The fat one looked a bit like nanny aswell. High heeled shoes walked past me. She demanded to know if the fat one had seen a man. There were lots of men around here. Maybe I should follow her but what if daddy came back. He really wouldn't be happy if he knew I had gone exploring.

A large Banging Clattering noise caught my attention from the other side of the waiting room. I looked across to see what had happened

The End

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