New presence

I'm glad I hid my wings again when I did. I should have been more careful about where I went, really. Some woman came out and picked up a stuffed toy not far from where I was, before walking back into the building with it. Not long after, I notice some girl watching me not far away. Her eyes are exploring my exposed skin and I'm thankful I take care of my body. A smile creeps over her lips and she ventures forwards. My face stays blank and uncaring.

‘Lash us a smoke?’ she says with confidence. I squint down at her. She’s wearing old jeans and a baggy men’s shirt. I exhale the smoke slowly and make her wait, before reaching into my pocket for the packet. Why should I care if she doesn’t look old enough to be smoking? I pull a cigarette out and light it for her, before handing it over. She takes a deep drag on the cigarette and sighs the smoke back out again, clearly glad to have the toxins in her lungs. I look out at the concrete and fake plants in front of me and stand silently. I can still feel her eyes on me. It’s beginning to unnerve me a little, but I don’t show the discomfort.

I can sense a new being in the waiting area. His presence is erratic and desperate; I can feel it all the way out here.  There’s something not quite right about his presence... I push the concern from my mind. After all, the presence is not my problem. Though I do wonder if the erratic presence will cause many problems.


The End

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