A Ticket... To Anywhere... No, Not There!

He hurried through the door, head bowed and heavy coat swinging around his feet. Outside, the heat must have been unbearable, but he wasn't sweating, indeed, he didn't even look warm, but as he approached the ticket desk he shed his coat and carried it under his arm, although he seemed anxious to be out of there. Eventually, the dunces in front of him had bought tickets and moved to sit down, watching the planes on the tarmac as they awaited theirs. 

"A ticket, please," he requested, to the obvious chagrin of the woman behind the desk. 

"A ticket to where, exactly, sir?" annoyance layering her voice.

"I don't care! I just need a ticket! Now! Anywhere! Soon, though!" he replied anxiously, desperation filling his voice. He had two reasons to be quick. First - he needed to get into the shade. He was too hot. Boiling. And secondly - he was being followed by a woman. And that wasn't a good thing, considering who she was.

"Sir, the next flight out is in... Quite a while. Some of the incoming planes have been delayed and we haven't had updated departure times. Although, the one that's expected to go next is to Barbados? Is that suitable?" Is it SUITABLE? It bleeding well wasn't suitable! Barbados, of all places.

"No, it's not-"

"But you said anywhere, Sir."

"Well, I've changed my mind! Err... Just give me a ticket to somewhere cold." And so she did. And when he left, she was phoned through to her manager. A man was acting very strangely. 

Konrad, unaware of the unwanted attention, walked to the back row of seats, the only row in the shade, and sank into a seat. He needed to rest. Well, he had quite a while now...

The End

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