Roxy heard someone sniffing. Apparently someone had finally got wiff of her nail polish. Roxy felt someone glare at her but ignored it. She was use to some sort of disapproval. She expanded her hand and blew on her finger nails. Then she looked around bored. She watched a group of men tralking loudingly in accented voices. What was it czetch, russian? It didn,t matter if it was egg latin, it was just plain anonying. It was on the tip of her tongue to tell them to shut up...

All of a sudden Roxy heard a crash. She wipped her head around. She saw Barbie picking up what looked like a metal compact. She But then she screeched and dropped it. Roxy winced and covered her ears. That was why she hated girls they always over reacted. What did Barbie do did she break one of her manicured nails? But her fingers did looke a little red. Weird. Roxy couldn<t stop herself from climbing over the chairs and coming closer. Not to close. But not entirely discreet either. But no one seemed to notice her. Barbie and her man friend were staring dumbfounded at the metal thing. Just pick it up!

She finally saw what draw her here like metal to a magnet. He wasn't beautiful. He was fascinating. He didn,t look anything like the preppy boys she had delt with back home.  Boys who dressed like they were going to play tennis or something but talked like nthey were from the deepest ghettos of Detroit. Nothing he said made any sense. Something about that seemed mysterious and not evasive. There was a thin line between mysterious and evasive. Roxy watched him put the round metal thingy on the arm rest. And then wordlessly he walked away. No lope away.  Roxy felt like she was finally learning the meaning of the word. She was abruptly filled with dismay. She cursed her immature body. She had the body of a woman without the maturity to go with it. She had curved put no idea how to use them or show them of. Right now they were drapped in a a used men's plaid shirt and old jeans.

Roxy filled open her cell phone and looked at the time. Her plane took of in fifteen minutes. Roxy looked out at the loading platform and no one was there. There was no one waiting for her there. Her mother would be pissed but then again this wasn,t the first impulsive thing she had ever done in her life.

Roxy watched him slip out a glass door and out into a hallway. Roxy watched him walk aways. And then slowly slipped out the same door. Where the hell was he going? Maybe he really really needed a cigarette. Roxy could start smoking again. She couldn<t buy clothes anymore but that wouldn<t matter if she just got to stand next to him underneath his smoky halo.

Roxy suddenly stopped. What was she even doing? He was just a guy. So he was good looking. Was he worth throwing away what she had fought for. A life away from her mother and her endless ramblings. God her mother was looking for any reason to pull her back. If she wanted to stay with her aunt she had to behave.

But she didn't want to behave...

The End

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