In Search of a Hiding Place.

After about fifteen minutes, during which Finn's heart rate almost returned to normal, he left the bathrooms and started to make his way back to the waiting area. His gaze kept flicking around, keeping an eye out for Jessica. If she caught him, there'd be hell to pay.

Stupid ex-girlfriends, Finn thought bitterly, who needs them? It's not as if I ever meant anything to her, she just liked to show me off to her friends. Like I was some sort of trophy she'd won. Pah, well this trophy's had enough. The sooner I'm in Ozlo the better,  my friends will help me hide there.

Unfortunately, despite his constantly watchful state, Finn didn't notice the woman in front of him until it was too late. She was a big woman, and as she pushed him away from her he smelt the stink of alcohol on her breath.

"Look where you're going boy! Can't you see I have children here?"

Finn looked down and, sure enough, there were two small boys clinging to the mother's legs. One appeared to have been crying.

"Sorry, I wasn't paying attention." replied Finn remorsefully.

"Well, seeing as you apologized I'll forgive you. By the way, have you seen a young girl go by here? She's wandered off and I can't find her anywhere."

Finn shook his head, for he hadn't seen any small girls since he'd entered the airport. Saying he'd tell the woman if he saw the girl, Finn turned and strode off, muttering angrily to himself as he went.

Finn eventually reached a small side-room off the main hall. Thinking that this would be as good a place as any to wait for his flight, he sat down and looked around the empty room.

Unbeknown to him, he wasn't alone.

The End

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