He was standing topless having one of what Daddy calls his happy smokes.

He had large things comming from his back which he tucked back in. I hadn't seen anything like that before but my parents would belive me if I said anyway. Were going away for a few weeks. Disneyland paris. It was my little brothers birthday. He's crying so I've walked away. Mummy will probably come looking for me but I haven't gone far. Shes buying drinks in glass bottles and thinks I'm getting sweets. I like exploring. I've already been to this place where the man is standing but I've left my Teddy fifi. I can see her by his feet. Hes really tall, and very scary.


I almost cried. Someone was standing behind me. She was dressed like lots of people here. The rest of them all stood behind counters in the shops and sold you things.

"Have you lost your Mummy?"

I had gotten used to lying. Mum always belived me. I blame the liqid in glass bottles.

"No. Shes over there." I pointd to a large woman who appeared very posh.  "I've just lost my teddy, it's over there. Will you get it for me?" I pointed through the door to outside.

The pretty woman went over to the man and got my teddy. He looked very uncomfortable. Maybe because he was cold. He didn't have a shirt after all. He kept his back very close to the wall.

"Here you go sweety. Now you best go back before your mum starts to worry" I walked towards the large woman who was making comotion and sat near them for about ten miniutes untill the woman went away.

I decided Mummy probably wouldn't have found my brothers yet. Daddy was outside somewhere else probably having a happy smoke to. I hate looking after them. I'm only eleven. Besides I had seen the man with the black wings sit here before. I should go before he gets here. I would like to see his wings again though.

The End

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