Roxy the rebel

" Yept" Roxy  muttered and rolled her eyes.

" Uhuh" she rolled her eyes again.

She held up her cell phone with her chin and painted her nails marashino cherry. Black was so out. Not that she cared that much about fashion. Red would always be sexy no matter what those designers said. Most of them had more money than brains anyway.

" Ok mom" Roxy said

" Ofcourse I,m listening to what your saying,  just don't care what your saying" Roxy snapped

A couple of heads snapped up most of the others had the decency to pretend to be doing others things than listening on her conversation. Roxy saw a woman slowly turn down the volume of her Ipod. Roxy just glared at them. They could judge. Everyone else did.

" Disrespect is a two way street...I'm just saying. Never mind I'll call you when I land"

Roxy slamed the phione and muttered " God!

More heads snapped up and looked at her disapprovingly. Again cast in the role of the rebillous teenager. It wasn,t her fault no one got her and she didn't have the words to explain herself. She didn't want to go to school and be around more people who didn'tt get her. All she wanted to do was to be alone and make stuff. Any stuff. Paintings, novels chairs anything. But Roxy had to do everything on their term sand not hers. If that wasn't a good reason to be pissed off what was?


The End

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