It can't be!

If it was possible, walking around this outlet was even more boring than sitting in the aisle. Finn groaned and continued to roam the aisles, gazing aimlessly at all the cheap plastic items on sale. As if he'd need any of this where he was going.

Then something caught his eye, or rather, someone. He peered cautiously around the edge of the shelf he had been examining to get a better look. When he recognised who it was, he turned and raced out of the shop at full speed.

It couldn't be, it just couldn't be her! But then again, who else could it be? He'd have known her anywhere, she'd been preying on his mind for weeks. Scarcely looking where he was going, Finn hurtled across the room and ducked into the men's bathroom. Shutting himself in a cubicle, he sat on the seat and put his head in his hands. She had followed him, despite all his efforts and all the carefully laid out plans she had followed him.

The woman he had seen was Jessica, his ex-girlfriend. She had been furious with him since he'd broken up with her several weeks ago. She'd been trying to track him down ever since he'd run out on her. Now she'd followed him here.

This was turning out to be a very bad day indeed.

The End

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