The Object

Maria stared at the broken Mac on the floor, then to the suited man next to her. Back to Mac, then back to man. Blushing again, he muttered something about being so clumsy and started to clear the laptop from the floor. Maria finally managed to say "Oh, dear me," with another, albeit more nervous, laugh as she (slightly hesistantly) bent to assist him. Was the floor dirty? She wouldn't want her new Chanel suit to get ruined before she had even reached Barbados.

It had started so well. Slipping into the seat, she could see he was a little hestitant to talk but before long they had become good enough aquaintances for Maria to show this man her website. It didn't matter if she didn't know his name; the more connections to Royalty, the better! The Thompson name had been out of society for too long!

Now, Maria saw the man glance at a small cylinder that had 'tinged' against the huge window opposite their seats. She had noticed that it had rolled from the broken Mac, and seeing the perfect opportunity to advance her 'friendship' with him, she pushed past the gentleman and headed toward the object. Fashion could wait for a minute.

The silver object saw this new character-who wasn't it's intended target-and thought only one thing: "Eliminate!" It had to destroy this podgey, outstretched, grabbing thing. Unfortunatly it did not realise the extent of it's shrinkage...

Maria yelped and jumped back slightly as the object she reached for gave her an electric shock. A proper electrical shock that left a pebble-sized burn mark on the tops of her right-hand fingers, and onto the neat red nails above. She wailed and shoved her fingers into her mouth, like a young child, but then remembered her dignity. It hurt, but she had to remain calm. Gazing at the silver cylinder, she could see it now crackled with electrcity.

 What was it?

The End

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