The Backpacker


Finn yowled a colourful oath as he hit the floor. Blasted suitcase, he thought bitterly, who leaves those things lying around? No wonder I tripped over it, it's right in the middle of the blinking aisle!

Rubbing his elbow and still muttering curses, Finn got to his feet and looked about. The airport was large, but not the biggest he'd ever seen. Certainly smaller than Sydney, thought Finn, that place was a maze. Now, let's find that checkout desk, the sooner I'm on the flight the better. Hitching his rucksack, the only baggage he was carrying, over his shoulder, Finn ambled over to the nearest desk and checked in.

"Your flight leaves in half an hour, please take a seat in the waiting area." The checkout woman told him in a monotonal sort of voice. Finn nodded and walked off, pushing a few strands of messy brown hair out of his face as he went. He sat down in an empty aisle and watched as passengers hurried to and from their destinations. After about five minutes of this he got bored and decided to go and investigate the outlet stores. Probably just a load of junk, he thought, but at least it'll give me something to do.

And provided no-one else leaves bags in the aisles, I shouldn't go tripping over anything either.

The End

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