Fifteen Minutes to Boarding

Leigh’s heals clicked as she walked down the corridor. It gave her a sense of confidence. She’d loved to wear shoes like this in school. The expressions of fear turning to annoyance when the other students realized she was one of them and not a teacher gave her pure joy. It was that memory that made her smile.

That and the fact that out in the employee parking lot she’d left her Suzuki SV650. It had been a beautiful morning to ride. The euphoria from that would keep her going until lunch. At lunch, it was the thought of getting back on and riding home that would sustain her until her shift was over.

She walked past her friends, who were clearly sizing up the current crowd, with a cheery hello. Standing tall and upright, she moved though the people milling at the gate to stand behind the counter.

“I’ll be with you in just a minute,” she said to the first man who walked up. “I’ve got to get the computers going. They hate Monday mornings you know.” She flashed him her cheery smile. It widened just slightly to think that this man, like many others, would never suspect that she rode a motorcycle. It was her little secret. And it kept her smiling and cheery all day long, no matter what they threw at her.

At last the green screen came to life. She picked up the ham radio receiver and pushed the talk button.

“Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to the Protagonize Airport. We’ll be boarding Flight 251 to Your Imagination in fifteen minutes. Thank you for your patience”

The End

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