The Higher-Classed Woman

Maria Thompson pulled her heavy suitcase behind her. It clattered over the oddly paved floor, and she made her way heavily to the check in desk. She rolled her eyes dramatically as she noticed the length of the line, so sat down on some padded chairs nearby. And hoped the attendants would give her some attention soon!

 She could see a group of men in suits, speaking with, possibly, Russian accents. They seemed to be laughing too loudly at something- which for Maria was certainly unpolite in a public place such as an airport. Giving them a glare (which they pointedly ignored) Maria looked down her nose at them, and patted her beehive hair contently. There was no point in arguing with debutant fashion, was there now? She noticed a smarter looking man and moved her heavy be-specticaled figure closer toward him.

"Waiting for a plane, are you?" Well that was a silly question, but always a good way to intiate inrtoductions...

The End

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