Protagonize Airport

A sister story to the Protagonize Bus. Just create a character and join in. Characters posted in the author guidance.

Welcome to the Protagonize Airport, also known as the Soaring Eagle Airport.

The airport is situated in Canada, it has been the primary delta hub for over fifty years. It has a glass front and concrete roof, the check-in desks lead to a large departure lounge where unlike other airports as long as you have your ticket you can leave and enter as much as you like.

The main glass building is built from a main road, behind a giant steel Eagle rotating on a concrete pillar. A plane has just left the airport heading to Gatwick,London. But planes depart from everywhere and come from anywhere. Here loads of people pass through people of many colours and ethnicities. Even some...supernatural people.

But every now and again things can be normal. Well, maybe...   

The End

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