Cluedo, or cover up?

My heart started beating normally again when I found out that the supposed 'murder' was just all part of a game. 

"It's a hoax, they're just covering up what really happened," a guy whispered to his friend beside me.

"Agreed, the police look worried, and the manager is sweating buckets. I bet they're trying to get us to help solve the mystery without upsetting their reputation," the friend responded quietly.

"Really?" I asked suddenly, and instantly blushed because I had revealed myself for eavesdropping.

"Yeah, I have it all worked out, it's just a big cover story," the first guy said, not disturbed by my lack of manners.  "And when I figure it out, I'll go to the news with it!"

This started my mind turning, was there something to this guy's claim? Something did seem amiss, but really, would the police lie to us like this.

Well, no matter what the cause was ,I was going to solve this. Having read my fair share of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, I was bound to have a head start . I just hoped I wouldn't get into as sticky of a situation as Nancy usually found herself in....

"This is going to be fun," I girl to my left piped, starting to move towards the notepads laying on the reception desk. I smiled at her, and decided to keep any suspicions to myself. 

"Do you think it was a guest that they're going to frame, or an imaginary person?" I asked her as we go tin line together.

"Guest," she said confidently, and winced as someone from behind jostled her.

"Sunburn?" I asked. She nodded.

"I have some amazing cream that could help with that, but it's in my room. Care to try it once we get our pads?" I asked helpfully. 

"Suuure," she replied, looking me over to judge whether I was safe or not.

"No worries, the worst harm I've ever caused someone was bloodying their nose in a football, erm, soccer match." I said cheerfully. Her eyes widened, and I guessed that had come out wrong...

"Erm, that was a long time ago..." I trailed, and grabbed the notepad and started for the elevator. Thankfully she followed, and we headed up to my room.

"So, who should we interview first?" she asked. 

"We're working together then?" I questioned.

"Why not?" she asked back. I grinned.

"Works for me."

"So, who should we interview first?"

I grinned again. "The butler."

The End

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