After I had eaten my icecream, which Menopolos had very kindly bought for me, I headed back to the beach to gather up my abandoned belongings. I knew they would still be there as I had stayed in this resort  a few times with my parents and loved it here.

Dad was frying some bacon when I arrived back at the tent , the smell of cooked bacon wafted in the warm summer air and made me feel instantly hungry (even though I'd just eaten an icecream.)

I abandoned my book and the towel I had been lying on in my bedroom compartment and sat myself down on a fold away camping chair placed outside the tent; dad was now cooking tomatoes.

"So, what did you do today then Kym?" dad said casually, while he was dishing out our tea onto plates.

"Just relaxed on the beach, read abit of my book, caught abit of rays"

"Abit of rays Kym, look at your shoulders, did you even put any suncream on?"

I turned my head to look at my shoulders, the skin was starting to peel and they were red. "Damn! ouch" I said wincing a little as i brushed my finger against the sunburn.

Mum and dad chuckled and I scowled at the pair of them, we had only been back here a day and I had already burned when I usually tan!

Just as I had finished my fryup the speakers blared into life;

"Will all guests, make their way to the hotel lobby, thankyou!

The speakers cut off, "What do you think is going on?" dad shrugged and I placed my plate and cutlery in the washing up bowl which was sitting outside and started to make my way up to the lobby.

"I'll see you up there" I called back to my parents who were still eating their tea and were unlikely to come until they had finished.


 *   *   *

 The lobby was crowded with people, all looking as confused as the next. What looked to be police were unrolling -do not cross- tape around an area in the middle of the lobby. From where is was standing I was unable to see what it was and the crowd was so tightly packed together it was hard to move to get a clearer view.

Out of no-where a man with a megaphone could be heard, he was standing on the reception desk so that he could be seen, and I was sure that without the megaphone he would not have been heard above the absolutly terrible din, which had broken out in the lobby.

"Will everyone just calm down please, your probably wondering what is going on a..." The man with the megaphone was cut off by a man somewhere in the crowd saying "We know whats going on, there has been a murder!"

The din started again, and the man with the megaphone had to make a loud earpiecing noise with the megaphone to gain silence again.

"If you would all just remain calm, there hasn't been a murder as such!"

"Then what the hell is going on?" the crowd shouted in uproar

"Welcome to Protagonize Holiday Resort's first ever Life Size Cluedo Game"

The crowd didnt know whether to laugh or shout in annoyance, so remained silent and the man continued.

"There will be a prize for the 'detective' who unravels the murder mystery - Who Killed Mr Chilcott -  owner of this resort. If you would all like to collect a clipboard and a pencil from the front desk you can begin your muder investigation." The man climbed off the reception desk.

Instant talk filled the lobby and people made their way to the front desk, as i passed the part of the lobby cut of by tape, I could now see a human chalk outline - Just like in the board game!

This was going to be fun!  

The End

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