Wanna Go Out?


My day was going so well.  I had helped Lucen's team thrash their opponents at football and although I had felt a slight sting of jealousy when he'd asked another girl to join us he still came back to me.  I had no idea how such a gorgeous guy could be interested in me, quiet and reserved Salali, but I wasn't about to complain.

When the game was over I was bombarded by hugs, high-fives and congratulations from the other members of my team but I couldn't see Lucen among the sea of new faces.

'Well done, you are a lot better than you said you were.'  I was relieved to hear Lucen's voice behind me, mentally telling myself to act normal as I turned to face him.

'I play with my brother and his friends a lot so I get lots of practise,' I replied, not wanting to sound too big headed.

'So where are you staying?'  Lucen asked after a small silence where all I could do was stare at him.

'I've got a single room up in the hotel,' I said quickly, garbling my words.  'It's my first holiday on my own so it's all a bit new to me.'  I realised I was talking absolute nonsense, kicking myself inside for appearing like a fool.

'I'm staying in a cabin with my friends for a couple of weeks so if you ever get bored or whatever come and visit us.'

'Thanks,' I said, 'I will.'  I probably wouldn't, I didn't like the idea of just turning up at someone else's room without them knowing.

'Do you want to go back there now?  The guys are heading back to get ready for tonight.  You can come out with us if you like.'

'Really?'  I asked, not sure if he was just being polite.  'Why would you want me hanging around?'

'Because I like you Ali,' Lucen said casually, 'and after that football game the guys think you are awesome.  You're a fun person, you just have to relax a little.'

'OK,' I responded, taking Lucen's comments seriously.  'Then I'd love to come out with you tonight.'

'Good,' Lucen replied, smiling his irresistible smile.

He was about to say something else when an announcement came on through the speakers, ordering the guests to return to the hotel lobby immediately.

'I wonder what's going on,' Lucen said out loud.

'I suppose we should go find out,' I replied, picking up my sandy book and towel from where I had left them earlier.

We walked together towards the hotel lobby and were both shocked by what we found there.

'A murder?'  I exclaimed when a hotel attendant informed us of what was going on.  'Who would do such a thing?'

'We don't know, but you are requested by the police to remain in the hotel until the investigation is closed.  If you need to rearrange travel arrangements the people at the reception desk will be very happy to help you.'  The attendant smiled her fake smile before walking off to speak to another group of confused guests.

'Looks like the big night out is off then,' I sighed.

'We can always have a night out in the hotel.  I hear the restaurant is supposed to be pretty good.'

'But wouldn't we have to dress up for that?'

'I think it's a smart/casual type of place.  Fancy it?'

'Definitely,' I said, looking forward to a meal with Lucen.

'Good.  Give me your room number and I'll pick you up at eight.'

I gave him my room number and promised to see him later.  I walked off towards the lift, away from the gathering of shocked guests and towards my room.  I felt bad feeling so happy when someone had just been killed, but you have to look on the bright side.  And I had to figure out what I was going to wear.

The End

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