Murder Mystery

The main lobby of the hotel was crowded with all manner, shapes and sizes of humanity. Some were over dressed, some were under dressed, and some were barely dressed. Every one was scrunched together, and very few were happy about it. Colleen Whitaker practically had to shout at her husband Jim, over the noise of the public address system.

"I wish they'd turn that thing off. It's enough to make my ears bleed!"

Jim just nodded in agreement. He had no interest in trying to outshout her and the P.A. system. When they finally turned it off, a gradual silence settled over the lobby, as a woman detective spoke into a microphone at the main desk. She said that there had been a murder! A young woman fainted, and a staff member helped her get up off the floor.

There was a lot of mumbling and grumbling as everyone milled around the lobby, since no one was allowed to leave. The Whitakers found a comfy couch to sit on, which was a good thing, because Jim couldn't stand for very long at a time.

"Does this look like a professional investigation to you, dear?" Jim asked Colleen.

"I have no idea what a professional investigation would look like, why?"

"Well, it seems to me that the police wouldn't gather everyone together and announce there's been a murder. You would think that would cause a panic, not to mention people tramping all over the evidence."

"It's unlikely that someone was killed in the lobby, Jim. Maybe they got everyone in here to keep them from tramping all over the crime scene, wherever that might be."

Jim nodded. " Perhaps, but then again, Maybe it's an entertainment put on by the hotel, where they fake a murder, and the guests have to figure out who did it."

Colleen considered that. "What if that's it? Wouldn't that be interesting?"

The End

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