Jaymi Lerkins: Oh My Gosh

I walked around my room in wonder, it was such a beautiful place. My room was a large suite on the top floor, place so that I could look at the beach AND at the beautiful forest/gardens they had behind. Money had it's advantages.

"Just put my bags by the closet Mort, I'll take care of them later," I told my escort as he set my bags down.

"Yes miss. I'll be staying in a servants quarter down stairs, just press the button on the phone that says 'Escort' and I'll be right up. Enjoy," he said, smiling at his last words. Mort and I had been together for a long time, I would trust him with my life.

"Thank you Mort," I told him, falling down onto the soft bed.

I heard the door click behind him, and I raced to the bathroom to put on my swim suit and hit the beach. I hadn't had much relaxation time, and I was anxious to get started!

After changing into my blue bathing suit, I lathered a little bit of sun tan lotion on to my skin, the kind that smelled like perfume rather than the store bought stuff. Mine was custom made. I really did need it custom made though, my skin was pale, and therefore burned easily. The stuff I wore warded off burns, but accepted tans. It was still in it's development stage, but it at least gave me hope of a slight tan.

I grabbed my beach bag on the way out, and stuffed my key card into it. My sunglasses, which I loved, were nestled at the top, right beside a book by one of my favourite authors. Some food was also at the bottom, some crackers and Twizzlers. I was prepared.

The sun hit by skin like a welcomed embrace, warming up every cell, and opening all my pores as I stepped outside. I stood still for a moment, to soak it all in. Sunshine should seriously be considered a high.

Calling for a chair wasn't all that difficult, several hotels workers supplied them out to people, and they readily came when I called. Once I was positioned right, I had the sun covering maximum body, and little book. I always disliked the glare I got, the white reflective papers hurt my eyes if I didn't have sunglasses.

Thinking about spending the afternoon to yourself, and actually doing it are two different things. First, my cell phone kept chirping from its pocket, so much so that I just turned it off. Second, when people around you are playing your favourite sport, it's hard to read a book that you've already read three times. And third, when a really cute looking boy comes up and asks you to play said favourite sport, you don't hesitate.

"Sure," I responded when the dark haired boy asked me to play.

"Great, you're on my team," he grinned, beaming a white smile down at me, and offering his hand to help me up.


"Thanks for the great time," I told him, swiping my card through the door.

"It was my pleasure," he responded with his stunningly white grin. I tousled his hair and went into my room, closing the door behind me. Sighing with pleasure, I went to take my shower, changing out of my sun kissed bathing suit.

Two hours later, after having changed into an evening dress (Evenings were meant to be formal, or so the brochure said. There would be some sort of dance afterward dinner). I wore my light blue dress, spaghetti straps and floor length. It was one of my more favourites.

As I was saying, I had changed, and was now snuggled in a comfy chair, finishing off a chapter of the book that I had left alone since meeting the cute boy. All of a sudden, a pager went off, calling all hotel staff and residents to the main lobby. Curious, I set my book down, noting the page number, and heading downstairs.

I encountered other people trying to get down, people in swim suits, people in their dress clothes. Some wore their bath robes (Thankfully they were tightly tied shut!) When I got down, there were a good 20 staff members, and 25 residents (the hotel had a small guest list with a large facility because it also let other hotels use the area, so many of the people I met on the beach weren't staying at this hotel.)

"Excuse me!" A detective called from the center "I need everyone's attention," she said, scanning the crowd of miss matched guests. Some were formal, other casual (bathrobes...) some were old other young. Everyone though, was very quiet.

"I am conducting an investigation and need everyone's attention. No in, I repeat no one, is allowed to leave this facility until I am through. A tragedy has happened and I need your complete cooperation. The hotel has volunteered to help with any travel problems you might encounter if you were planning on leaving, and monetary issues can be worked out with them. A crime has been committed, and I need your help to solve it. Your help would be to give me your witness statements, and remain out of my way as much as possible, and not leaving the premises. Are there any questions?" She asked. Her whole statement had been said evenly, loudly, yet clearly.

"What was the crime committed?" A young girl asked.

"A murder. We have a real live murder mystery, and everyone here is considered a suspect" The detective answered bluntly. At that, I fainted.  


The End

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